Our on-site


The C4T Group aims to provide high quality, secure truck parking and fuelling facilities that provide commercial road transport drivers with the services they need to perform their key role as transporters of the goods demanded by the citizens of Europe.

C4T provides:

• Secure truck parking
• Competitively priced fuel
• Food and Service facilities for drivers


The most important service C4T provides is secure parking.

The EU estimates that theft of goods from HGVs operating throughout Europe is costing the commercial road transport industry more than € 8 billion per annum with a significant portion of those thefts occurring on non-secure parking areas. Unfortunately, drivers are increasingly exposed to risk of violence from criminal organisations and gangs intent on stealing goods or smuggling migrants.

Utilising secure truck parking facilities such as those provided by C4T ensures not only the safety of drivers but the security of vehicles and their cargo.

Our site in Calais has 310 secure parking places and we are proud to be a member of:
• ESPORG, the European Secure Truck Parking Organisation; and
• AFPSPL, the French Association of Secure Truck Parking Areas

Security at our parking facility is ensured through a combination of:

• Secure perimeter fencing with barbed wire enclosing the entire facility
• On site security personnel with specially trained dogs patrolling 24/7
• Military grade CCTV coverage of the entire facility
• Sophisticated access control mechanisms governing movement of both vehicles and individuals within the facility

Hours Tariff (including VAT)
2 €2.80
3 €5.60
4 €8.40
5 €11.20
6 €14.00
7 €16.80
8 €19.60
9 €22.40
10 €25.20
Day Rate (>10 Hours in 24 Hour Period) €28.00
48 Hour Rate (>32 Hours in 48 Hour Period) €50.00

If you are interested in having an account with us for parking please contact us on: customer.service@c4teurope.com

Security Checks

For customers wanting to ensure problem free transit to the UK from France we offer a security check service whereby tractors and trailers are inspected for migrants by our on-site security personnel and their specially trained sniffer dogs. Documentation is provided indicating a security check has been performed and the CMR is updated with the number of the new seal applied to the trailer once the inspection is complete.

If you would like more information on this service please do not hesitate to contact us on: info@c4teurope.com


In line with our aim to ensure total security for drivers and vehicles, C4T provides automat refuelling facilities for vehicles within the secure zone; offering Diesel, Industrial Gasoil (Red Diesel), AdBlue, LNG & CNG at competitive prices.

C4T’s 9 lane fuelling facility in Calais comprises of:
• 8 high speed pumps for Diesel
• 6 high speed pumps for Ad Blue
• 4 high speed pumps for Red Gasoil
• 1 high speed pump for LNG
• 2 high speed pumps for CNG
• Outside Payment Terminals facilitating Online Authorisation of transactions

C4T accept an increasingly wide range of European Fuel Cards; in addition to debit and credit cards.
If you would like information on our C4T Gaz Card for LNG & CNG or the Fuel Card offer of our partner, the Valcarce Group, please do not hesitate to contact us on: info@c4teurope.com



Our restaurant and bar, “Sortie 48”, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; serving a range of food and drinks at affordable prices. C4T is renowned for our pizzas cooked in a traditional pizza oven.

The restaurant is equipped with WIFI, TVs and pinball machines to facilitate the relaxation of drivers.

Our restaurant opening hours are:

Monday – Friday: 07H00 – 23H00
Saturday: 09H00 – 23H00
Sunday: 09H00 – 22H00

Please find below an extract of our current menu:

Items Price
Croissant & Coffee €2.90
English Breakfast €5.90
Panini €4.50 to €5.50
Pizza €7.00 to €9.00
Chicken Schnitzel €6.90
Chicken Burger €8.50
Pork Chop €8.50
Dish of the Day €8.90
C4T Hamburger €9.80
Fish and Chips €10.20


For the comfort of our drivers we have toilet and shower facilities that are regularly cleaned to ensure a high level of hygiene. All drivers parking for more than one hour receive a free shower. For the safety and security of our female drivers enhanced security measures are in place ensuring only female drivers can access the female toilet and shower facilities. In order to refresh drivers’ clothes automat washing machines and dryers are available on site.