The C4T Group is committed to providing commercial road transport companies and their drivers with secure parking, fuelling and service facilities across Europe. The C4T team, from senior management to on-site personnel, have decades of experience working within the European Commercial Road Transport sector and so are appreciative of the challenges facing companies and drivers operating within the sector. The C4T Group is headquartered in Madrid with activities in Belgium, France, Spain and the UK. In April 2016 acquired its first secure truck parking and fuelling facility, which is located on the outskirts of Calais, France.


The principal activities of the C4T Group:
  • Construction and operation of secure truck parking and fuelling facilities in Europe
  • Consultancy services to the European downstream petroleum and commercial road transport sectors
  • Marketing our C4T Gaz Card for the purchase of LNG & CNG in Calais and throughout the HAM Group’s network in Europe
  • Partnership with the Valcarce Group, a Spanish service station operator and fuel card issuer, which enables C4T to provide fuelling and other services throughout Europe.
In this respect C4T also has responsibility for the development of Valcarce’s card acceptance network and the marketing of their Fuel Card outside of the territory of Spain


The C4T Group aims to provide high quality, secure truck parking and fuelling facilities that provide commercial road transport drivers with the services they need to perform their key role as transporters of the goods demanded by the citizens of Europe.
C4T provides:
• Secure truck parking
• Competitively priced fuel
• Food and Service facilities for drivers


C4T is an independent operator and not tied to any particular fuel card issuer or petroleum company. All fuel card issuers are welcome to apply to have their fuel card accepted at C4T sites for the provision of fuel, parking and other related services.
C4T can offer our C4T Gaz Card to commercial road transport companies for the purchase of LNG & CNG throughout Europe. For more traditional fuels, C4T can facilitate the provision of fuel cards through its partnership with the Valcarce Group.
In addition to the provision of fuel cards, the Valcarce Group also provides associated services; such as:
• Toll Payment
• VAT and Excise Tax recovery
• Vehicle Insurance
• Road side


Our secure truck parking and fuelling facility is strategically located in close proximity to both the Port of Calais and the Eurotunnel on the Transmarck Industrial Zone at Exit 48 of the A16 / E40 Motorway:
Truck Parking Network France SAS
504, Avenue Henri Ravisse
F-62730 Marck
T: +33 (0)3 21 17 71 80
F: +33 (0)3 21 17 71 84
Our Headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain:
Card 4 Truck S.L.
Calle Principe de Vergara 62, 5⁰ D
E-28006 Madrid
T: +34 91 037 8062